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Great News!
You can now receive a "10% monthly match" on your 403b TSA contributions!


A 403b TSA allows educators and other public school employees to save significant dollars in Federal income taxes! Don't be left out. Join the thousands of educators who are taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of a 403b TSA!

A 403b TSA allows you to:

  1. Pay yourself first!
  2. Fund your retirement with pretax dollars!
  3. Lower your income taxes immediately!

Simply put, a 403b TSA is one of the most sensible decisions you can make today to insure a comfortable retirement tomorrow, after all...

If you don't take steps to insure your financial future... Who Will?

5 Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Can I receive a "10% monthly match" on my 403b TSA contributions?

A: YES! We represent several companies approved by your school district which will credit your 403b TSA with a "10% monthly match", for example, if you contribute $500 per month, you will receive $50 ($500 x 10%) credited to your account each month!

Q: I currently have a 403b TSA. However, it's earning a very low rate of return and I'm not receiving a match! Can I change companies and start receiving a monthly match on my 403b TSA?

A: Yes, it's a simple process known as a direct "trustee to trustee" transfer. You can even receive a 10% match credited to your new account on the amount transferred! For example: transfer $30,000 from your existing company to the new company and your account will start earning interest on $33,000 ($30,000 + 10% match) from day one!

Q: Do 403b TSA's have loan provisions?

A: Yes, you can borrow from your 403b TSA with no taxes and no penalty! Your loan would have to be repaid within 5 years unless it's used for the purchase of a principle residence, in which case you have up to 20 years!

Q: What are the minimum and maximum I can save per month in a 403b TSA?

A: The minimum is $100 per month, which would only reduce your net take home pay by about $55 because contributions are made with pretax dollars! (assuming a 28% tax bracket) The maximum 403b TSA annual contribution is:

Up to age 50
Over age 50
$17,000 per calendar year
$22,500 per calendar year


Q: Can I transfer my IRA to my 403b TSA account?

A: Yes, and you would also receive up to a 10% match by doing so. Once your IRA is transferred to your 403b account you will be able to borrow funds tax-free and penalty-free. IRA's DO NOT have loan provisions, but 403b TSA's do!

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