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Yolanda Carrillo  

"After 29 years as a school administrator, I rolled my District Annuity into an IRA and received a 10% match credited to my account immediately! I'm really happy with my decision and would recommend Ronald Edwards to anyone who is considering an IRA rollover."

- Yolanda Carrillo


Yolanda Carrillo  

"I am very satisfied with the IRA rollover I implemented. My IRA Specialist, Ronald Edwards did an outstanding job walking me through the process and handled all the paperwork. He is a true professional and an expert in the area of rollovers."

- Dr. Marvin Jones


William Jenney  

"As a retired public school employee, I was able to roll my District Annuity retirement into an IRA on the recommendation of Ronald Edwards. The 10% match credited to my account was considerable, and an excellent way to "jump start" my IRA!"

- William Jenney


Yolanda Carrillo  

"I transferred my funds to an IRA rollover after retirement. My IRA account has performed extremely well and Ronald made the process simple and easy. I really appreciate the excellent service Ronald has provided over the years."

- Wendy Lee